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Writing as Suzanne Lilly


August 2014, Gold Rush Deluge, Book Two of the California Argonauts

When Lucinda Martin York and George Arnold leave Diggers Flat during a rainstorm, the Sacramento and American rivers crest, causing a deluge of epic proportions that engulfs the town of Sacramento. While Lucinda uses her medical skills to help save the citizens, George proposes a plan to stop the floodwaters and save the town.

Lucinda holds fast to her dream of becoming a doctor and apprentices to Dr. Mitchell Kersey. She falls under his spell, and too late she realizes Kersey has a dark and murderous past that has followed him to California. The danger she finds herself enmeshed in may end her dreams before they have even begun.

Based on historical events of 1850 Sacramento, Gold Rush Deluge is riveting and romantic.

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February 2014, Gold Rush Girl, Book One of the California Argonauts.

Lucinda Martin York is a young woman alone in the gold fields of the Sierra Nevada, creating a daring new life in a bold new land. Immerse yourself in the wild ways of the argonauts and their lust for gold in this new series.

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August 2013, A Thousand Little Secrets, published by Turquoise Morning Press

Marin Eriksen has a clairvoyant gift she keeps secret. She wants her life to be controlled, safe, and most of all, ordinary. When her gift reveals sinister activities taking place in her home town of Olympus, California, she’s forced into action.

Brock Hollister lives life on the edge of danger until a tragedy strikes his family. He moves to Olympus hoping to start over and bury his mistakes, but Marin sees into his heart and uncovers his painful past.

Together, Marin and Brock must both face their deepest fears and fight with their very lives to save the town they love.

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Read an excerpt here.

February 2013, Untellable, published by Turquoise Morning Press.

Aspen Marie Dwyer has a secret to keep and she picks Honey Creek, Ohio as the perfect place to hide. Arriving on a Greyhound bus with nothing but a duffel bag containing her clothes and personal belongings, she walks to the Honey Creek Lake Lodge, to begin her summer job as a lifeguard. Four years earlier, Aspen witnessed her father murder her mother, and her testimony locked him away in prison. Before being taken out of the courtroom in shackles, he swore someday he would find her and kill her, too.

Local volunteer firefighter Colton Moraine is always up for a challenge, and Aspen is just what he needs to liven up his small town summer. Through driving lessons, picnics, and romantic kisses under the fireworks, the two fall in love. Aspen fatalistically knows their summer romance will end if Colton finds out her history. But not telling him tortures her, making her feel like a fraud.

When her father is granted parole, she can no longer keep her dark secret. She has to make a life changing decision. Will she continue to run and hide, or fight for the love she’s discovered with Colton in Honey Creek?

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July 2012, Shades of the Future, published by Turquoise Morning Press.

Mariah Davis loves animals, running, and her hunk of a boyfriend, Kevin Creamer. Everything looks bright for her until the day she finds a pair of sunglasses that allow her to see the future.

When she glimpses a disaster looming, she tries to avoid it but fails. She has a car accident that lands her in a wheelchair, smashing her hopes for a running scholarship to the veterinary program at Ohio State University. She pushes Kevin away, thinking he’ll want to end their relationship now that she can’t walk.

Will she ever learn to trust and love again? She could search for an answer in the sunglasses. But she’s afraid that what they reveal might destroy her.

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Women’s Fiction

See Suzanne’s Authorgraph page for the most current list of short story anthologies.

December 2013, A Holiday Blind Date, a short story appearing in a holiday anthology to be released through Harlequin.

June 2013, Wine, Roses, and Twins, a short story appearing in a wedding day anthology, to be published by Turquoise Morning Press.

Fall 2012, I Think I’ll Pass, a short story included in the anthology, A Bad Hair Day, published by Mozark Press.

July 2011, East of the Sun and West of the Moon Redux, a short story included Rapunzel’s Daughters, an anthology published by Pink Narcissus Press. I provide inscriptions for digital copies through my Kindlegraph author page.

October 2007, Home Lunch, Common Ties Magazine (This story is also available as a sample on the main page of this site.)

September 2007, Attorney-Client Privilege, Mysterical-E Online ezine

August 2007, The Kasbah, The Chick Lit Review Online e-zine

May 2007, The Hidden Truth, The Deepening Online e-zine

  • Editor’s Note from the Deepening: A new voice whose ability to put you right there, experiencing it as it happens makes Ms. Lilly a strong new talent with a bright future ready and waiting for her to fill with wonderful stories that demand that we hear their meaning. —zentao for Kaff

March 2007, A Mini Celebration, WOW! Women on Writing Contest Honorable Mention

December 2006, I Don’t Want It! Wait! Yes, I Do!, WOW! Women On Writing Contest Honorable Mention

Writing as Suzanne Pitner


Ongoing: Suite101 Topic Editor in the Writing Fiction and Curricula/Lesson Plans sections.

January 2009 – March 2010, Suzanne Lilly’s Contest Corner, Long Ridge Writing Group E-News

2009, Restaurant Review for the Dixon Tribune Newspaper

March 2009, Interview with Allison Brennan for Wow! Women on Writing

January 2009, 20 Questions with Marla Cilley for Wow! Women on Writing

November 2008, NaNoWriMo Applied for Wow! Women on Writing

October 2008, A Special Needs Cat, Cat Fancy Magazine

April 2007, Book Review: Novelist’s Essential Guide to Creating Plot, Long Ridge Writing Group E-News

August 2001, 5 Minute Yoga Stretches for the Office, Project Magazine, reprinted January 2002 in Career Intelligence

June 2001, Venus and Mars, Inscriptions Science Fiction Romance Contest 2nd Place

1999 – 2000, Website reviewer for BriefMe.com

Writing as SariAnne Miller

Children’s Articles and Stories

March 2007-December 2007, Monthly Craft Column, Fandangle Magazine

June 2007, California Sea Otters, and California Sea Otters Puzzler, Fandangle Magazine

May 2007, Egghead Gardening, Fandangle Magazine

March 2007, The Accident at the Toll House Inn, Fandangle Magazine

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