A Thousand Little Secrets

Marin Eriksen can read minds. Her gift brings unwanted secrets to keep, difficult decisions to make, and heavy heartaches to heal in Olympus, California.

A Thousand Little Secrets Cover
Cover design by Kim Jacobs

Marin Eriksen has a clairvoyant gift she keeps secret. She wants her life to be controlled, safe, and most of all, ordinary. When her gift reveals sinister activities taking place in her home town of Olympus, California, she’s forced into action.

Brock Hollister lives life on the edge of danger until a tragedy strikes his family. He moves to Olympus hoping to start over and bury his mistakes, but Marin sees into his heart and uncovers his painful past.

Together, Marin and Brock must both face their deepest fears and fight with their very lives to save the town they love.

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Read an excerpt here.

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