Gold Rush Wedding

At long last, the short story of George and Lucinda’s wedding is here! If you’ve read the first two books in the series, Gold Rush Girl and Gold Rush Deluge, then you’ll be happy to know the two of them finally tie the knot. But their joy is short lived, because a story wouldn’t be worth reading if it didn’t have problems and conflict, right? Here’s a short synopsis.

Lucinda Martin York and George Arnold Jr. have been through floods, fires, and freezing cold together in their pursuit of gold in California. Lucinda dreams of becoming one of the first women doctors. George dreams of building a mining empire. They are deeply in love and their friends and family are in Sacramento ready to celebrate their marriage. Only one thing can tear them apart, and it happens in Gold Rush Wedding. Please enjoy this short story from the California Argonauts series of gold rush books.

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I’m giving this book away for free as a thank you to all my readers who have expressed enthusiasm for the series and who have patiently waited for this story and the upcoming Gold Rush Barons. I’ll keep you posted on the pre-order and release date for the next book in my newsletter.

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What people are saying about Gold Rush Wedding:

5 Stars ~ This is a lighthearted story about a starry eyed couple in the gold rush. A short and sweet tale. ~~~Linda Winey